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Parents, join us for PIE (Partners In Education) Night on August 15th at 6pm. Hope to see you all there!

7.19.2017 at 12:47pm
Don't miss the opportunity to stock up on items for this school year this Saturday, July 22nd from 9 - 11 am!


"I am so grateful for a school that is focused on giving kids their best every day. Having our son attend Virginia Academy has been a wonderful experience. The academic challenge here is much greater than the private schools he has attended in the area. We were recently presented with a challenging dynamic, for which I was extremely pleased with the support and speed for which the teacher, principal, and even the headmaster intervened to provide. This level of caring and dedication from the teachers and administration helps both our child and our family know that we've chosen the right school. Thank you, Virginia Academy!"

Jon W. Lindberg, MBA, CAE, CEO
American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine

Patriot Fund

Virginia Academy has begun a new era of raising funds for school needs. The annual fund, also known as the Patriot Fund, is one of our school’s most important fundraisers; contributing to every part of the school’s operation, including fine arts, athletics, technology, and professional development.  The Patriot Fund provides the margin of excellence that makes a Virginia Academy education exceptional.

Did you know that tuition and fees only cover 88% of the cost of your child’s education?   To help make up the difference, like many private and Christian Schools, Virginia Academy benefits from the yearly backing of its founding church, creative fundraising efforts through activities and events, and generous donations from stakeholders like you.  The Patriot Fund is one of our school’s most important fundraisers with 100% of its proceeds contributing to the ongoing improvement of the school annually.  We are asking every family to prayerfully participate to help us reach our goal.  Last year, the Patriot Fund provided for the 36 ipads and cart and the online library tool needed to outfit our digital resource lab.  This year, we are asking every family to prayerfully participate to help us reach out goal of $100,000 to… 

Replace & revamp our athletic team uniforms. - $5,000
Add to our online library collection. - $5,000
Provide for our spring event/20-year celebration - $5,000.
Cover additional cost of SMART Board accessories, software, and training. - $15,000
Replace the playground mulch with rubber - $70,000